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Course Details

Basics of Blockchain

1. Blockchain Complexities Like

Public Blockchain, Private Blockchain, Consortium Blockchain, Hyperledger Blockchain.

2. Concepts of Crypto Currencies

How crypto currency is produced, maintained, fluctuates in line with crypto market

3. Crypto Trend Analysis

Crypto currency analysis through deep learning algorithms made to decode the upcoming trends in top currencies.

Crypto Mining

Top 5 Cryptocurrency Analysis

1. Different techniques to create investment roadmap for particular crypto

2. Detailed theory behind bitcoin sudden jumps every four years

3. Bitcoin halving event:

Bitcoin halving are scheduled to occur once every 210,000 blocks roughly every four years until the maximum supply of 21 million bitcoins has been released by the bitcoin network

4. Upcoming trends in cryptocurrencies like NFTs etc.

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Who are the Audience❔

Young ignited minds: School & College students

College dropouts struggling to run their career

Crypto fascinated aspirants want to start investments

Traditional share market traders

Corporate professional with investment appetite

Small and Medium Business owners want to try their hands in crypto

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About The Author

Mr. Rohan Gulati

Mr Rohan Gulati is recognised young entrepreneur in the blockchain industry and leading the couple of blockchain developments and consulting by his expertise mostly reporting to CEOs CTOs of the largest blockchain consulting firms and has in-depth expertise in the technology.


He has served more than 50 clients across the globe on various front like consulting, development, marketing, PRs, private investment with some of them.

He is concerned about future of struggling young minds who are not able to crack their careers goals but same time technology geeks with potential talent wants to achieve something tangible in their life.


He strongly believes that he can make the difference in technology world as well as towards the betterment of the crowd he is surrounded by.


Rohan is graduated in Computer applications and has done various qualifications out of emerging interest towards technology like PGD in cyber security, MS in computer applications and programming.


With extreme expertise in digital marketing of more than 7 years, he has conducted seminars and invited as the speaker in various forums to help motivate and upgrade the potential students.

Some of them are Shaheed sukhdev college of business studies, University of Delhi and Maharaja Surajmal Institute, Indraprastha University, where he has exceeded the expectations of the crowd.


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📲 Support (WhatsApp/Telegram)

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We are charging a flat fee of Rs.499 in which you will get live workshop for 8 days (1 Hour each) starting @9:00 pm everyday from 25th October, 2021 – 1st November, 2021

You can make payment via Credit Card, Debit Card, Gpay, Phonepe, Paytm and UPI.

Upon completion of the course, you will be asked to rate our service and outcomes of the workshop and if you don’t find it helpful your money will be transferred back to you after small transaction free deductions. 

You can cancel the booking 24-48 hours before the start of session 

Yes, there will be multiple people accessing the course simultaneously. 

Yes you will be able to join us on telegram and WhatsApp to work with us in blockchain technology 

Please write us or call us on the following contacts: crypto@digitalmind360.com

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